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Ottawa Public Health Fact Sheet

Approved Head Lice fact Sheet

Head Lice Information

Head lice crawl from person to person by direct head to head contact.
They do not spread disease.
Anyone can get them.
They are more common in children as their heads frequently touch when they play together.
Itching is the main complaint.

The key things to keep in mind are…

  • Detection (check your child’s hair weekly using a flashlight, magnifying glass and comb– check more often if your child has close contact with someone who has head lice). Nits are brownish, the size of a pin-head, and stick to the hair shaft. Lice are brownish, around the size of a pin-head, and the adult ones can run fast away from light. They cannot jump or fly. Most common areas are above ears, the nape of the neck and the crown but they can be anywhere on the head.

  • Treatment (the Lice Squad uses a natural enzyme product which is completely pesticide-free – 24$ a bottle for 7 treatments).

  • Treat with product every 4-5 days (using product mixed with 1/2 to one cup of conditioner each time and an effective louse comb). Immediately following treatment, comb out hair by piding hair into sections and combing through with louse comb. Continue combing same area until comb comes out clean. Depending on hair and severity of infestation, the treatment comb-out can take between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

  • Comb-out using effective louse trap comb:


  • or


Note: treatment products ONLY kill live bugs, not nits. To remove nits and break the cycle, systematic comb-outs with an effective comb are necessary. If not, the eggs will hatch and re-infestation will occur.

  • Comb-outs: Between treatments, comb hair out every 2nd day (use 1/2 to one cup of conditioner each time and an effective louse comb). Hair does not need to be pided into sections and entire comb-out should take 10-20 minutes.

  • Once head is clear after 2 comb-outs in a row, treatments with product can be stopped and you can move to weekly comb-outs for 4 weeks in a row to ensure are lice and nits are gone. Comb-outs can also be used as a screening and prevention method.

  • Household cleaning (using the dryer – high heat for 30-40 minutes, vacuuming items that cannot be dried or putting items away for more than 48 hours).

    We know 2 companies:

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  • Lice Services Canada

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