We are dedicated to helping students prepare to be 21st century learners and contributors, which include strong digital literacy skills. Technology has an increased impact on classroom practices and on our ability to further engage students through the development of rich learning tasks which emphasize collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.

Our base classroom allocation includes numerous computers, laptops, chromebooks with internet access as well as a digital projector. Many classrooms are also equipped with document cameras, interactive whiteboards or tablets. Students and staff are encouraged to integrate technology in the daily activities of the classroom and homework. Classes also have access to the computer lab on a regular basis.

All students also have an account on the OCDSB Cloud, which allows them to collaborate on group assignments to exchange with staff and other students within the District. Please carefully review the forms before signing, and if you have questions, ask staff for details.

Information and communications technology (ICT) provides a range of tools that can significantly extend and enrich teachers’ instructional strategies and support student learning in FSL. ICT tools include multimedia resources, databases, websites, digital cameras, and an extensive array of specialized software. Computer programs can help students to collect, organize, and sort the data they gather, and to write, edit, and present reports on their findings. ICT can also be used to connect students to other schools, at home and abroad, and to bring the global community into the local classroom.

Current technologies are useful both as research tools and as creative media. For example, online dictionaries, thesauri, encyclopedias, and other reference works may be helpful tools for students when conducting research or editing and revising, and digital cameras and projectors can be used in creative work, such as multimedia presentations. Teachers and students may also be able to access authentic texts by French-speaking people from a variety of cultures through ICT.

Assistive Technology:

Link to Support document for Read and Write for Google

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